EE Reports Webinar Explores “Untapped” Financial Benefits for NYC Building Owners

EE Reports Webinar Explores “Untapped” Financial Benefits for NYC Building Owners

EE Reports, a national provider of unbiased energy efficiency solutions, hosted a live, complimentary webinar titled, “Huge ‘Untapped’ Financial Benefits Exclusively For NYC Building Owners”. The webinar offered expert advice to NYC building owners on proven energy efficiency technologies, dramatically enhanced incentives and new no cost financing options that will significantly increase property value with zero out of pocket costs.

Additionally, the Webinar introduced building owners to financing and technology experts who will reveal the keys to becoming more competitive, more profitable and more valuable by permanently reducing your utility bills.

According to EE Reports’ President, Frank Maricic, “many NYC landlords are sitting on a ‘gold mine’ because of mandatory Local Law 84 & 87 benchmarking data and energy audits. By not taking advantage of energy savings initiatives, building owners are missing out on significantly boosting their bottom line. The good news, however, is that they can utilize their already-paid-for energy recommendations in conjunction with new financing tools and incentives, and they’ll see instant positive cash flow.”

“Most of these opportunities are a ‘no-brainer’ due to Con Edison’s Enhanced Demand Management Program Incentives, which are 3x and 4x greater than ever before. However, they are set to expire in 2016 or as soon as funds are exhausted,” said Mr. Maricic. “But time is running out to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.”

Speakers in attendance included: Con Edison, NYCEEC, EDF’s Investor Confidence Project and EE Reports.

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