The EE Reports Submetering 101 & 102 Guides

The EE Reports Submetering 101 & 102 Guides


New low cost and wireless metering solutions are creating unique opportunities for contractors seeking to expand their business model. Access to real-time energy monitoring can open the doors to substantial energy savings for your customers and recurring revenues for you.

Metering and Submetering Value Add:

  • Energy procurement and billing
  • Baseline and optimizing building performance
  • Project measurement and verification (M&V)
  • Equipment and Plug-load diagnostic
  • Occupant awareness and behavior change
  • Access to utility and market revenue programs

The following table from the Department of Energy presents metering-related savings ranges based on different uses for metered data:



The Companion guide to Metering 101; Detail on how submeters work, selecting the right meter, and questions to ask before installing:

The Submetering 102 Guide will take you through the three step process towards procuring submetering energy management. This guide will leave you with the basic knowledge necessary to perform a site survey, install submeters, and perform the reoccurring commissioning process (aka reoccurring revenue opportunities!).

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