The Anatomy of a Multifamily Retrofit

The Anatomy of a Multifamily Retrofit

Hey Brooklyn Property Owners & Managers!

Find out how to increase the value of your building by permanently reducing your energy bills and increasing your tenants’ comfort.

*** The Anatomy of a Multifamily Retrofit ***
Featuring the Clinton Hill Cooperative $8 Million Project

Join us as we dissect how to get financing, incentives, approvals, contractors, etc. on a deep multifamily retrofit project in NYC.

Some Project Highlights Include:

  • 7,000 New Insulated Windows
  • 1,200 “Smart” Cozy Radiator Covers
  • Steam Trap Maintenance (Qty: ~550)
  • New Boiler Controls
  • Cogen (CHP) equipment refresh and rightsizing
  • Replacing all exterior lighting
  • Interior Common Space (Planned)
  • Air Sealing at Entries and Shafts (Planned)

Additional (No Cost/Optional)Tenant Measures

  • Smart AC Kit
  • Free LEDs (up to 15)
  • Faucet Aerators
  • Low Flow Showerheads

Event Panelist:

  • George Switzer is an Architect & Clinton Hill Board Member
  • Seth Coston of Time Equities (Property Owner)
  • Steve Greenbaum of Charles H Greenthal (Property Manager)
  • Dave Sachs is Director of Audits, Design & Implementation at Bright Power


  • Frank Maricic is Co-Chair of the NYC 2030 District

Utility Presenters:

  • Margaux Nguyen is the Program Manager for ConEdison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program
  • Rosa Pena is the Program Manager for National Grid’s Energy Efficiency Program Execution

Snacks and Beverages will be Served

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