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Panoramic Power Energy Management Solution Overview

Delivered Solution

Panoramic Power’s Enterprise Energy Management Platform is a non-intrusive, scalable, device level energy management solution that combines self-powered, wireless sensor technology with a cloud based analytics platform. The solution generates alerts and reports in real-time, providing detailed analysis of energy consumption at the asset level. With granular, load-level real-time energy data, enterprises can optimize their infrastructure and behavior and realize significant savings on energy and operational costs.


Data Integration and Acquisition

There are several ways for the system to accumulate information:

  • Data can be imported from other systems, meters and files
  • Data can be read in by file imports and API calls.
  • Open API and out-of-the-box adapters enable integration with third-party applications such as BMS, billing systems and controllers
  • Direct communicating devices are based on a proprietary technology using self powered CT/Meter sensors in one transmitting using 915 MHz (unlicensed frequency) to a collector that pushes the data via cell to the cloud database.

Data type support

Although system is primarily geared to electricity, the system will support other utility types and various operational parameters as part of the reporting and alarming process. The company also has a power meter which enables the metering of power, voltage, current, power factor and power quality measurement data.



The dashboard provides a detailed snapshot of the energy consumption at single or multiple sites. The dashboard displays the total historical, current and projected energy consumption over the entire monitored sites. It also provides managers with a quick-glance view of energy consumption breakdown and provides energy and facility managers with detailed energy and operational information. Dashboards are updated based on the frequency of data coming in the system. There are some basic dashboard applications for review and optional tailored dashboard that can be provided upon request. Some standard dashboards (maps and performance screens) allow for stepping down and up the metering assets. Tailored dashboards can be provided for specific applications.



Standard Reporting

Consumption – Allow users to view consumption data per specific site and specific circuits over time and correlate it with ambient or outside temperature.
Heat Map – Display energy usage as a “heat” intensity map, enhancing user’s abilities to instantly detect exceptional energy consumption.
Data Normalization – Normalize energy consumption by weather and other site specific parameters to compare efficiencies between sites and systems. [In addition normalization can be done by the Panoramic Power Index and to other industry standards.

The solution includes canned reports based on best practices, as well as customized reports that can be provided for specific applications.

Actionable alarms and anomalies

Users can easily create sophisticated, rules-based events and alerts in order to automate and improve everyday processes. Events and alerts can be triggered by energy pattern, status and/or threshold changes. Multiple types of predefined alerts can be triggered when a threshold change, or a combination of threshold and temperature changes, is met. Alerts can be sent to customers via, SMS, Emails or HTTP post notifications.


SaaS platform operating across tablets and phones as well.



SaaS – Pricing is based on hardware and an annual subscription to software. Pricing varies based on number and type of sensors purchased, as well as by the number of sites utilizing the solution

Optional Services

Deployment Services

  • Onsite hardware deployment
  • System configuration and validation
  • Training
  • Actionable alerts and automated report settings

Reporting Services

  • Proactive data monitoring, identifying actionable insights
  • Detailed analyst reports
  • Tailored reports and dashboards utilizing our business intelligence platform


  • With proprietary hardware and configuration simplicity, initial installation and uptime is very quick and cost effective.
  • Solid visuals and presentation


  • Direct read of meters using only Panoramic meter sensors for electricity. Therefore non-electric energy parameters must rely on 3rd party technologies to provide the data.
  • Does not support any open protocols such as BACNET, Modbus and Zigbee.