Bringing Solar to Everyone (Even Renters) with Community Virtual Solar Gardens

Solar Gardens
Bringing Solar to Everyone (Even Renters) with Community Virtual Solar Gardens

A new way for each and every person to have access to solar energy plus economic renewal for your community!

A central solar array, right in your community, on a rooftop or available land, marks the beginning of a Community Virtual Solar Garden. And with the purchasing of panels by both businesses and residents, it grows through community support; bringing not only clean energy, but economic renewal for your community!

And everyone in the community benefits…


The Host is any business, organization or municipality with available land or rooftop space, who agrees to host and purchase the solar energy on a PPA; no capital investment required.

  • Sustainability goals are met
  • Local clean energy produced, along with a 20-yr hedge on rising energy costs
  • Money spent on municipal energy procurement stays IN the community

Contact us to learn more about hosting a project for your community.


Small businesses and all residents, renters and owners alike, have the opportunity to own solar; expanding the market to the 75% who want solar but are prevented due to renting, shading, or cost.

  • Upfront cost is reduced by up to 50%
  • Earned credit on electricity bill for the value of the electricity produced
  • Additional income for SREC production
  • No maintenance, no fuss – just value

Interested in learning more or participating in a project, fill out the form.


        All members of the community enjoy the benefits of sustainable growth.

        • Local jobs created
        • Local clean energy produced
        • Local clean energy purchased
        • Income earned reinvested in the community

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