The NYC 2030 District is a Private / Public partnership of property owners and community stakeholders which will leverage financing, public support and collaborative action to spur sustainable innovation and progress. NYC 2030 District is working to establish a high-performance sustainability district in Downtown Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan.

The NYC 2030 District Committee proposes to establish a 2030 District through a process of consultation with local businesses, community organizations, civic institutions, and elected officials. The district will be located in an area comprising a portion of a dense NYC commercial district with adjacent residential, institutional and industrial zones. We propose to include affiliated areas as satellites to the 2030 District in order to reach a diversity of populations and income groups; to engage community-based non profits; and to promote broad impact of innovation and wide implementation of both sustainability and resilience goals. We are aiming at a potential district site encompassing areas of Downtown Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan, with our first target the area of CD 2 in Brooklyn.

We believe that the NYC 2030 District can provide a vehicle for advancing the objectives of PlaNYC and Mayor de Blasio’s 80 X 50 commitment, including adoption of sustainable behaviors and best practices through community engagement, and promoting constructively competitive interaction between stakeholders. The district will offer a living laboratory to demonstrate and test innovative approaches to aggregated energy efficiency projects, cooperative renewable and distributed energy generation, accessible off-grid emergency power, integration of sustainable energy technologies and design strategies, and silo-busting pilot projects to achieve common solutions to the challenges of urban sustainability, resilience and equity.

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