NYC Commercial Tenant Program & Green Leasing Webinar

NYC Commercial Tenant Program & Green Leasing Webinar

The energy use in tenant spaces in commercial buildings is notoriously difficult to address. Yet it represents 40%-60% of a commercial building’s total energy input. Split incentives, lack of data, and poor landlord-tenant collaboration can be barriers. But there are powerful forces, ranging from corporate sustainability leadership to new building efficiency laws that are changing this dynamic.

On June 20th, 2019, NYC 2030 District hosted a webinar with the Institute of Market Transformation, and ERS about high-performance, or green leasing, New York City building energy laws, and incentive programs like NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program that are bringing down traditional barriers to energy efficiency projects inside commercial tenant spaces.

NYSERDA can help at any point in the leasing cycle.

NYSERDA helps cover the cost of engaging qualified consultants to identify energy saving opportunities and to plan the implementation of energy efficiency measures in leased office spaces.

  • Tenants can engage consultants to lower energy costs— while improving wellness and comfort for their employees— at any point during the leasing cycle: while selecting a space, while designing or renovating a space, or during occupancy.
  • Building owners and managers can engage consultants to improve tenant energy use and, in turn, reduce energy use at the building master meter. Opportunities to improve energy consumption are boundless and vary in nature (from improved fit-out design, to tenant engagement initiatives)

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