No Sweat:CoolNYC Keeps Window ACs from Hogging All the Electricity

No Sweat:CoolNYC Keeps Window ACs from Hogging All the Electricity

This summer, New Yorkers with window ACs don’t have to come home to a sauna or an icebox after being out all day. No longer do they have to decide between leaving the AC unit off or on while they are out. Instead, they can join coolNYC, the popular window air conditioner program that offers users technology to control their AC temperature and turn any room air conditioner on/off remotely via their computer or smartphone. The program is returning to Con Edison customers in 2015 with more ways for New Yorkers to save energy, earn rewards, and stay cool.

coolNYC, a Con Edison program offered in partnership with ThinkEco, allows New Yorkers to work together to ensure the reliability of NYC’s electric grid. Customers who join coolNYC can control their room AC from anywhere and earn coolPoints through participation in coolNYC Events. During an event, coolNYC will temporarily reduce the customer’s AC energy use. coolNYC Events will generally take place when the electric grid is under strain, typically on very hot days.

“Last year, thousands of New Yorkers participated in coolNYC and saved money and energy by controlling their window ACs. This year, we’ve expanded the program to provide more choices for New Yorkers,” said David MacRae, residential customer solutions manager of Con Edison. “Con Edison is constantly looking for new ways to engage our customers and provide them opportunities to save energy.”

NYC customers can sign up for the program now at Additionally, customers who participated last year can now re-enroll. For new customers, coolNYC has four ways to participate and earn coolPoints this year.

  • Try It: You are in control. Simply sign up to earn up to two smartAC kits for the summer. The smartAC kits are yours to keep if you set them up and fully participate in at least three coolNYC Events, and you’ll earn coolPoints for your participation.
  • Buy It: The smartAC kit is available for purchase for $139.99. You can participate in coolNYC, earn coolPoints, save energy, and help your city.
  • Friedrich Kuhl: If you own or plan to buy a Friedrich Kuhl air conditioner and FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter, you can enroll in the coolNYC program to earn coolPoints. You can earn more than $100 in coolPoints.
  • Frigidaire Cool-Connect: If you purchase the new Frigidaire Cool-Connect air conditioner, you can enroll in the coolNYC program to earn coolPoints. You can earn more than $100 in coolPoints.

For Friedrich and Frigidaire customers signing up their Wi-Fi enabled air conditioners, the process is as simple as going to to register and “opt in” their existing connected ACs. Customers without a Wi-Fi enabled unit can buy or try a smartAC kit, which includes a modlet plug and a smart thermostat. The customer can use this kit to turn their room air conditioner on or off, or adjust the temperature remotely from any computer or smartphone.

It’s Hot Out There
Con Edison estimates there are over 6 million window air conditioners in New York City, accounting for 20 percent of peak summertime electricity demand. On a hot summer day, the strain on the electric grid can be immense, doing your part to reduce energy use can make a big difference with only a small, temporary temperature adjustment.

During a coolNYC Event, the coolNYC program may turn your AC on and off periodically or change your AC to a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce power usage. Events typically last for four hours and can occur between three and 10 times per summer. Customers will receive notifications based on their preferences in advance of each event. If needed, a customer can override the temperature adjustment and choose not to participate in a coolNYC Event.

To learn more about coolNYC and how to turn your window AC into a smart summertime appliance, go to Follow us on twitter @coolnycprogram.

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