Download our New Submetering 102 Guide

Metering 102 Guide

The Primer for Successful Submetering & Integration

Whether you have read our 101 Guide, or are already familiar with metering and submetering, our Metering and Submetering 102 Guide will take you through the three step process towards procuring submetering energy management. This guide will leave you with the basic knowledge necessary to perform a site survey, install submeters, and perform the reoccurring commissioning process (aka reoccurring revenue opportunities!).

Why get involved with submetering? Submetering makes it possible to have a smarter, more efficient building. Building owners will maximize their building value, minimize their utility usage and optimize their building intelligence; Contractors can create new revenue streams for themselves by offering submetering installs to their clients. Submetering is not yet mandated in any major city, but will be as soon as 2025 in New York City. Other cities plan to follow, so stay ahead of the curve by downloading our Metering and Submetering 102 Guide today.

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