Join the Advanced RTU Campaign!

Join the Advanced RTU Campaign!

What is the Advanced RTU Campaign?

Older, inefficient commercial rooftop unit (RTU) air conditioning systems are common and can waste from $900 to $3,700 per unit annually, depending on the building size and type.  By replacing or retrofitting them, you can save money, improve your energy efficiency, make your building more comfortable, and help the environment.  The Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC) encourages commercial building owners and operators to replace their old RTUs with more efficient units or to retrofit their RTUs with advanced controls in order to take advantage of these benefits. 
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What are the benefits of joining?

ARC provides building owners and operators with access to information and expertise to lower facility operating costs while maintaining or improving building occupant comfort.  Joining the Campaign allows you to:
Leverage campaign resources and technical expertise in evaluating savings opportunities
Stay informed on innovative RTU technologies and resources produced through the campaign
Gain recognition, achievement awards, and participate in case studies
  (pending submitting documentation of implementing a replacement or retrofit)

How do I get involved in ARC?

There are two ways to get involved in ARC, by joining as a Participant (building owner/manager) or Supporter (assist implementation of RTU replacement/retrofit). 

  1. Joining the Campaign as a Participant means making a pledge to evaluate and implement an RTU replacement or retrofit.  Commercial and government buildings are eligible to join the Campaign as Participants.
  2. Joining the Campaign as a Supporter means committing to promoting the benefits of energy efficiency commercial cooling. Trade and industry organizations, utility and efficiency programs, and manufacturers and service providers are eligible to join the Campaign as Supporters.

Download Advanced RTU Resources:

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