Free Webinar: Smart Submetering Solutions for NYC Property Owners & Managers


Savvy building owners and managers know that electrical submetering can be very profitable. Remove your tenants’ utility consumption from your balance sheet and you’ll boost your bottom line and add property value. What’s more, submetering can also identify operational errors and open the doors to new revenue opportunities from CHP, peak shaving, and energy market participation.

Join our webinar to learn how Triacta’s advanced Cloud-Based Multipoint Submeters gives you unmatched flexibility, that is cost effective and easy to scale. Combined with advanced open communication protocols and remote firmware updates, Triacta will meet all your current and future submetering needs.


Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Metering – A basic asset for your building
  • How is submetering the bridge between Building Automation and the Internet of Things?
  • Compliance with Local Law 88
  • Tenant Billing: Why you should do it now rather than later
  • NYSERDA’s new Real Time Energy Management Program (RTEM)
  • Successful New York City Submetering Case Studies

About Triacta Power Solutions

Triacta Power Solutions designs and manufactures high-end, revenue grade energy management meters for multi-unit commercial, institutional and residential applications.

Every Triacta meter comes complete with leading edge software that combines meter management, automated data collection, powerful analysis tools and flexible billing capabilities — everything you need to create and manage your metering infrastructure.

Triacta’s hardware and software make it possible to monitor hundreds of meter points within a facility in real-time. Triacta’s meters can be integrated with existing building management and automation systems or used on their own to form a metering fabric for part of a building, an entire building, or a complete real estate portfolio.

Triacta’s solutions can be as simple or as sophisticated as required — simply and elegantly providing energy control and cost management information to property owners, managers and other stakeholders.

Long known for its high-reliability, revenue-grade, multi-protocol submetering products, Triacta’s meters have been easily and successfully deployed by submetering companies, property owners, building system integrators, and Local Distribution Companies since 2003.

Join our webinar to learn more about today’s new smart submetering solutions.


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