Clinton Hill November 14 2018 Project Notes

George sent us an updated list on 11/14/18 on  Clinton Hills’s past and current projects that Tom will be evaluating and this can our first Spring 2019 Event if all goes well:


  • 7,000 Windows – replacing (how many? + glazing and air sealing/caulking – what is Fentrend’s role exactly – please recap
  • Window Air Conditioners – we should offer residents ThinkEcos Smart Control – there is a special FREE Con Ed Program
  • New Boilers (how many in each campus? You have 2 new (2013?) dual fuel ones at 345
  • All New Radiator Labs Cozy Covers in all 1,200 apartments – completed by?
  • Steam Trap Maintenance done  recently- do we know how many? Also, are there energy saving measurements or calculations we can use – Tom?
  • Cogen – you have an older plant on the North Campus” Cost/LPC considerations probably difficult to overcome.” Can you elaborate? I can contact ERS who is NYSERDA’s Cogen Project Manager
  • We used Simmuwatt for our Summer audit

*** FYI,  ALL 4  Companies in bold above are UFL Incubator Members –  perhaps we should have the event at UFL??? Does anyone have a better Brooklyn spot in mind???


George, Tom – please answer and update above as best you can.


Potential partners and sponsors:

  • UFL
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard (Clinton Hill Housed their workers when built in the 1940’s – good story???
  • AEA
  • ICF & Retrofit Accelerator
  • AIA
  • Con Ed
  • 475 High Performance Building Supply


Hi Frank-

Glad to be back in the fold.  To cut to the chase, here was the consolidated feedback from Dan Leonhardt and Jason Block about which measures we’ve already taken and which seem viable and worth investigating.  The two measures that are most promising are building sealing and interior lighting retrofits.

Happy to review this — please let me know if you have any questions.



Common Areas:

·         Electric/gas rates – Dan Leonhardt locked in a very good rate for us and we are good for now.

·         Hot water temperature – Currently being adjusted as part of CHP work on north campus.  South campus seems to be in a good place.

·         Temperature setpoints/setbacks – Radiator Labs will give us lots of indoor temperature data and we’ll be able to use that information to throttle the system.

·         Office equipment sleep timers/off – Limited office equipment but we could look into it.

·         Exterior light controls – Will be part of our exterior improvement plan.

·         Insulation mechanicals and pipes – There is some missing insulation on the CHP systems in the north campus that will be address as part of this work.  I’m not sure how much insulation is missing in the south campus.

·         Building sealing (exterior doors/vents/windows) – We should do some better air sealing at the vestibule and back doors and at the bulkheads and elevator rooms.  This could be relatively easy for the staff to do.  We can touch base on ensuring best practices are followed.

·         Steam system retro-commissioning – Recently completed.

·         Steam trap maintenance – Recently completed.

·         LED replacement/delamping/bilevel lights/occupancy sensors – Exterior lighting will be addressed with the exterior improvement plan.  Interior lighting needs to be addressed.  Howard Chalflin worked with a contractor to provide a proposal but we weren’t convinced of the fixture quality/options available.  We’d like a third party engineer/lighting designer to give us some unbiased suggestions on the best route to go.  Overall, our sentiment is this would be worth doing when we renovate our common spaces.

·         Separate hot water system – Currently underway CHP work will basically restore this in the north campus.  At the south campus, we think there are probably better uses for the level of investment needed.

·         Heating controls – We did some with the steam work (above) and will integrate with the RL Cozies.

·         Radiator orifice plates-evaluate return pressure – Not appropriate for our system.

·         Power factor – Need more information on what this involves, its cost, and savings

·         Solar – We recently looked at this and the return on investment was just too far our.  If we were able to aggregate with other big property owners to change the calculations, it might become more viable.

·         Cogeneration – Already in the north campus.  Cost/LPC considerations probably difficult to overcome.

·         Evaluate possible condensate recovery system – Would need more detail on this.

·         Vertical shaft sealing – The roof level sealing (bulkheads, EMR) mentioned above will help with this.  This is something we could do.

·         Thermographic evaluation – Would need more detail on the end game — is this for air sealing or overall evaluation on the exterior envelope?

Individual Apartments: If we can roll some of this out as optional to residents, maybe getting some bulk pricing deal, it would be nice.  But we wouldn’t be able to require them.

·         LEDs

·         Energy Star appliances

·         Smart thermostats – Part of the Cozies in some form.

·         Seal air conditioners – Always a good idea.  I think the new window installations will be a big improvement over what we have today.  But people should put covers over the units themselves in the winter.  (This is assuming the temperatures with the Cozies will be low enough that people won’t need to open their windows to reduce overheating.)

·         Low flow aerators

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