Battery Storage for Your Building – The Revolution is Near

Battery Storage for Your Building – The Revolution is Near

It seems there are three inevitable laws of nature: death, taxes, and power outages. The latter of those three may not belong next to the other two, but every person in the United States can think of a handful of times they were without power.

Blackouts and brownouts are becoming more commonplace in the United States. Power outages often result from too much stress on the grid, the failure of our plants and/or substations, or destructive forces of nature taking their toll. With these failures in mind, more battery storage solutions have been hitting the market, hoping to change the way we all view and use energy.


Battery storage is a technology that allows buildings to store energy during low demand hours, and then use that stored energy during peak demand hours. Battery technology has made incredible strides due to what is being called ‘The Battery Revolution’; a heavy investment in battery storage technology has led to solutions that cover all users. Everyone, from utilities to the individual home owner, has something to gain from battery storage.

With their large populations and ‘never asleep’ demands, cities are often viewed as the biggest energy drains to the grid. Demand Energy, an intelligent energy storage solutions provider, has been implementing a battery solution that ‘could change the way cities of the world consume power’. In the video below, ThinkProgress simply details how Demand Energy’s solution works and highlights a case study of a luxury residential building that is already using the battery solution.

Learn more by watching the ThinkProgress video below:

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