About Us

About Us

EEreports.com is your go-to source for the latest breakthroughs in energy efficiency technologies, unbiased product reviews and project financing. You’ll get pinpoint access to the information, tools, and advice that will help you to decide how to get the most out of your energy efficiency and/or renewable energy investment.

Each week, EEreports.com will provide you with the latest industry news plus innovative solutions by specific building types that are easy to understand – with lots of videos for consumers and contractors.

Management Team

EEreports’ management team brings decades of diverse experience in energy management, system integration, engineering, M&V, renewable energy, sustainability, financing, project development and related fields.

Frank Maricic, President & Founder

Frank has 20 years of web development, marketing, sales and strategic business development experience. Beginning in 1995, he founded the pioneering e-commerce company, Internet Marketing & Research Inc. (IMR). Frank entered the energy industry in 2005 as Director of Sales at UtiliSave, the leading energy auditing company specializing in providing clients with information and technology to reduce their utility expenses. In 2011, Frank became the Director of Sales & Marketing for the start-up team at Joule Assets, the innovative provider of EE financing and market revenue tools.

While regularly conducting market research, Frank realized that he was constantly wasting a vast amount of time. Searching for EE technology providers and their competitors by desired category was impossible unless you already knew their name. Also difficult was finding EE solutions by specific building type or technology. Frank’s frustrations led to the idea of creating the first one-stop source for EE solutions so building owners and contractors can get instant access to valuable content from an unbiased source.

George Belich, Executive VP & Co-Founder

With 35 years in the energy industry as a software engineer, systems integrator, hardware developer, product manager and entrepreneur. George brings a strong technical background in smart grid, energy management, utility metering, communications, systems integration, database management and solution selling.  George has a proven track record of  bringing various vendor solutions and technologies together for the energy management field. Some of these technologies include Micro CHP, Daylighting and SaaS platforms for energy service and wireless technologies.  Mr. Belich also consults in analytics and metering for select companies by supporting operational recommendations based in the various systems.

Previously Mr. Belich served as Vice President for Energy Management Systems (EMS) Sales for Elster Energy ICT, George provided meter data collection, management and processing software solutions to meet the needs of energy service companies (ESCO’s), industrial, retail, commercial and government users. Some of the large multisite companies he worked with include: Walmart, US Navy, Department of Labor and many more. George sold and supported the software as a service (SaaS) and the metering hardware and solutions for electric, gas, water and steam.

Gary Peterson, Advisory Board Member

Gary Peterson, of EdgeGEN, has over 25 years of experience in various management and consulting roles demonstrating success in leading enterprise-wide conservation programs with particular emphasis in energy, environmental, and operational cost reduction strategies. Gary has led large-scale transformation initiatives minimizing waste streams, reducing carbon footprints, while increasing productivity and profitability for a multitude of different sector clients.

Gary is a strong advocate for effective change management ensuring successful sustainability program development and implementation. He has consulted with many companies such as Proctor & Gamble, IBM, Ahlstrom, GDF Suez, Aetna Insurance, Wal-Mart, Ford Motor, Boeing, Pfizer, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, Yale New Haven Hospital, and many more.

Dan Gadigian, VP Operations

Dan has spent the last 10 years in the Mergers and Acquisitions field. During that time, he has been involved in numerous purchases of private and public companies. In the last 2 years, while working for a manufacturing company, he led the integration of purchased companies into the parent company. This responsibility included the oversight of all functions, including finance, legal, manufacturing and human resources.

Mr. Gadigian started his post-collegiate career in the solar industry, focusing on legislative reform and financing programs for residential and commercial solar installers. His education in economics and environmental studies is what led him to take his experience in finance and focus it towards the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.

Ken Rothstein, VP Creative Services

Ken Rothstein is more than a renowned direct response copywriter. He’s a creative strategist and marketer located in New York City who for more than 25 years has created award-winning direct response advertising and direct mail that has quite literally changed the industry.

His client list is extensive and he has created controls for the leading publications, including Business Week (the highest grossing package in their history with roll-out all over the world, including Asia), Men’s Fitness, Guideposts, Primedia (Automotive Group), International Master’s Publishers, Reader’s Digest, Consumer Reports, Hearst Publications, AIG Insurance, and many more.

Mr. Rothstein was involved in the initial development of the airline’s industry first affinity program which became a model for the industry and for future programs of its type. Formerly, he served as Executive Creative Director of CUC International, where he oversaw a department of 40 direct marketers and helped revenues soar over 40% in two years! In 2004, Ken was awarded top honors at the International Caples Award.

EE Reports is an EDF Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Credentialed Project Developer 


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